Monday, 21 May 2012

Project Plan

The following plan is an outline of the project plan developed for the Thesis Proposal submitted in April.

Project Plan Outline

    1. Background Research (April - May)
          a) Literature Review
          b) Case Studies
          c) Current Methods Evaluation

    2. Design (May - June)

          a) Algorithm Design
          b) Testing Design

    3. Development (June - August)
          a) Test Data Development (if required if unable to test on live/real data)
          b) Test Development
          c) Algorithm Development

    4. Testing (August - September)
          a) Preliminary Testing (conducted throughout the development phase)
          b) Expected Results
          c) Testing

    5. Analysis (September - October)

    6. Reporting (April - October)
          This will be conducted throughout the entire project

Project Plan Gantt Chart

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