Thursday, 30 August 2012

Weekly Update

Over the last week I've made a lot of progress on the design and development of the proof-of-concept prototype.

Focusing on Facebook, I have discovered that the friends page location (relative to a users Facebook URL) is dependent on whether they have upgraded to the timeline view or not. Given that Facebook is currently in the process of moving all users to timeline, I have chosen to focus my tool on that setup, as the wall setup will soon be obsolete.

I have also made some decisions regarding the data storage for the tool. As this is only a prototype model, I do not intend to persist the raw data retrieved from the social networks. The analysed data however will be persisted, most probably through writing a file to disk. Further development of the tool would probably benefit from supporting database data storage, especially if the tool becomes more complex.

Finally, I have identified several useful libraries that will greatly simplify development of the prototype. These libraries will help me save time in development and hopefully allow me to include some additional features in the prototype.

Unfortunately my supervisor was unable to meet with me today. I look forward to showing him the progress I've made and receiving some feedback about my design next week.

Over the next week I would very much like to get most of the core functionality developed for my prototype, so that I might be able to include some additional features.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Progress Update

With only a few months left before my thesis is due, I developed a plan to help keep myself on-track and manage the time I have remaining. This will hopefully prevent any last minute rushes and give me plenty of time to review my work before submission.

The target dates for the main work items are:
  • Development: Friday 14th Sept
  • Analysis: Friday 28th Sept
  • Overall Project Review: Friday 5th Oct
  • Draft Treatise Submission: Friday 12th Oct
  • Complete Treatise Review: Sunday 21st Oct
  • Final Treatise Submission: Wednesday 24th Oct
  • Presentation Preparation: Wednesday 31st Oct
I've also made sure there is a week buffer in the detailed plan to allow for any problematic delays.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Weekly Catch-Up

So my progress didn't go so well over the mid-year break. Various family circumstances caused a lot of disruption, so only a design plan was accomplished.

I had a meeting with my honours supervisor today to discuss these circumstances and try to make sure my project is still completed by the deadline.

He suggested focusing on only one social media site for my tool development as a proof of concept for the project. I'm going to focus on Facebook as I have the most experience with it and already have a fair understanding of how their information is stored and managed.

I'm going to put together a project plan for the remaining time for our next meeting and look at how I can retrieve the public information on Facebook without using the OpenGraph API. I'm going to attack development one stage at a time, getting the basic data retrieval, analysis and storage completed and then adding the additional features as time permits.