Thursday, 16 August 2012

Weekly Catch-Up

So my progress didn't go so well over the mid-year break. Various family circumstances caused a lot of disruption, so only a design plan was accomplished.

I had a meeting with my honours supervisor today to discuss these circumstances and try to make sure my project is still completed by the deadline.

He suggested focusing on only one social media site for my tool development as a proof of concept for the project. I'm going to focus on Facebook as I have the most experience with it and already have a fair understanding of how their information is stored and managed.

I'm going to put together a project plan for the remaining time for our next meeting and look at how I can retrieve the public information on Facebook without using the OpenGraph API. I'm going to attack development one stage at a time, getting the basic data retrieval, analysis and storage completed and then adding the additional features as time permits.

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